In summer 3 healthy hair removal met
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Intro: the weather is getting hot, fresh and sexy little sling, short shorts are coming, a lot of hair removal has become an urgent matter for women. In the face of all kinds of depilatory popular, women how to choose the suitable? Take a look below!

Sensitive skin with a razor.Sensitive skin with a razor.

Sensitive skin with a razor.

The most conventional method is to use a razor. Razor includes manual and electric two. It is generally used for the removal of the face, arm, leg pain and fine, particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin use. But we must develop the habit of shaving every day, or grow a little black hair slag was hurt elegance.

According to statistics, 65% of people choose to use electric razor hair removal.

Needs to be pointed out is, before use should be the first hair cut short, keep skin and hair dry, do not wipe any emulsion (except after wiping, the effect will be better). In addition, in use process, should maintain the hair removal device and the skin was 90 degrees, along the direction of hair growth promoting.

While the use of manual razor you need to pay special attention to, if the operation is not good, easy to damage the pores, scratch the skin, causing redness and swelling. In addition, in order to maintain a certain tool clean, can not be shared, so as not to cause infectious disease.

Fear of pain people use depilatory creamFear of pain people use depilatory cream

Fear of pain people use depilatory cream

Hair removal cream for the pain but not easy to allergy.

Before you use the skin clean, then, depilatory creams evenly coated the site you want to shed 5 - 10 minutes later, when the hair soft, then its Guajing scraper.

Despite the destruction of hair follicles using depilatory creams will not, but the frequent use will make the skin becomes red and swollen, and even lead to skin. Therefore, sensitive physique person should be used with caution.

That is, using this method of hair removal, about three days it will grow back.If disrelish a trouble, try other ways.

Beeswax, patch hair removal is the most thoroughBeeswax, patch hair removal is the most thorough

  Beeswax, patch hair removal is the most thorough

Wax applied to take off the arms, legs, underarm hair. In practice, the beeswax coated evenly on the skin, live close to the skin, and then covered gauze, gauze lift way to pull the hair uprooted.

This method can be used to remove large disposable hair, the hair grow back even if relatively soft. However, the use will cause pain, in addition, by chemical synthetic beeswax may cause irritation to the skin. Tearing, the surplus is also likely to remain in the pores of body hair, broken half of the hair side once tie into the hair follicle, may lead to folliculitis.

The use of beeswax hair removal need to pay attention to the following points: first, the need to clean the site of hair removal and hair cut short to 0.5 cm; secondly, the wax layer can not be smeared in thick, otherwise it will affect the hair removal effect; third, do not use the site this method of damage or the wound is not healing.

Patch hair removal similarity with beeswax hair removal, suitable for travel use. You can take the appropriate size of the patch attached to the needs of the site, force quickly ripped off. This method is handy and convenient, spend a short time, but the effect is very good, to re grow hair is relatively thin.

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